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Chario Syntar 530 esche schwarz [Demo]

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Chario Syntar 530 esche schwarz [Demo]

3-Wege, 140 Watt, 4 Ohm
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What’s Syntar?
Syntar is the new Chario products line, it will be composed by two different design finishing:
• 90 degree sharp edge
• Rounded Solid Wood Corner ( the name will be Syntar R)

Why having two different cosmetics?
The reasons that took us to implement 2 different design in the same line is quite easy to understand, after the very good success of Silhouette and Silverette Line we wanted to create a new product , with another step ahead in terms of acoustic results and research, but keeping inalterated the same target that the previous entry level line used to have. So the sharp edge , the sizes, and the same range of price with we present the new Syntar should be able to make this moving from the old and consolidated series to this new one not to compicated and without any point of matters in terms also of matching some new models with the old one from silhouette and silverette. Beside this we wanted also to give a new taste in this range of products, that’s why we designed and realized the Syntar R. This will provides to the products more elegance for a many particulars details in it , rounded solid wood corner, crossing veener finishing in the side to keep the same direction of the veener in the 4 sides, high glossy finishing.

Syntar Name
Syntar name came from the past. We wanted to give this name to this line to enfatize the purpose of the products in the line. Syntar was a line that more than 20 years ago has been very successfull all over the worlds in terms of sales and tests on magazines and satistact customers. The name comes from “SYNergetics” “TARgets”, that has the purpose to explain the real technical concept the Syntar Line is built with. This name explain how the combination of the bass reflex port and the distance kept by the feet from the base, can guarantee to keep the same performance and the same frequency response of the project in every conditions ( the only require is to keep from the bottom at least the minimum distance that the feet have). Also the feet, made by a specify rubber compound absorb all the extra vibrations (undesired ) of the cabinet.

Drivers Preview
Acoustic environment research, psyacoustic studies, human perception analysis brought us to design also a new membran for the woofer. The shape of the membran, called Double Flex has been studied to obtain in a scientific point a view another improving in terms on natural emission of the energy, less listening fatigue and also to have a better definition and analisys. The tweeter also, coming from Academy concept, is able to keep distorsions level very low and matched with the double flex polymeric woofer gives an absolutely concrete performance.

Cabinets Construction preview
The cabinets, also, they are made by using a difference concept from the past. Even the 90 degrees sharp edges ones they are built by using a different technique, that allow all the boxes to be more solid and reducing the undesired vibrations. As the others products of Chario, evertything is handcratfted in italy. The new Syntar Line will be produced in our new facilities in Zogno, a little town close to Bergamo , 20 km far from the headquater in Merate.

Drivers Concept & Performance
Chario projects always includes drivers that are not from “the market” , everything is designed by our laboratories that also choose the best supplier for each part of the driver. The laboratories design ALL the parts of the drivers, the company choosen realized using our charateristics and specifics each parts we need and we collect them from this companies and we assembly in italy to have the drivers complete. So that means that all the parts of the drivers are realized following our indications and for that there is not driver used in Chario loudspeakers that can be found in the market. The Woofer used in the Syntar Line , full designed by our laboratories by our Chief Engeener Mario Marcello Murace, respect all the Thiel and Small parameters set in the project. Each component, from the alluminium support for the coil, to the dedicated corrugation spider, to the section increasing surround, to the glue molecolar composition, to the density and compliance values of the moving equippment, to the alnico magnet high power induction, to the intermodulations and harmonics distorsions that are the lowest for this range of products at this price obtained thanks to the double flex membran all the woofer are equipped with, brings these drivers to be another reached step ahead in technology applied to the music reproduction equippment. Combined with the crossover, the performance of Syntar Line reached the highest level of natural emission for its range. The double flex polymeric woofers are not equipped with dust cup, the membran is a single piece membran. The 2 Flex of the membran , in the way our laboratories designed it , gives the results we were looking for, natural emission with no interpretation.

Drivers - Technical Details
Directly from the T32 ( Academy Line Tweeter) this has been designed with the same dome curve. 27 mm of diameters and built with silk and alluminium dust chemical fixed the dome. This particular costruction allow it to have the lowest harmonic distorsion ever (in its category). Neodimium Magnet , allumium support for the coils in super alloy allowes a very high heat dissipation perfectly matched with the very low crossover point and overlapping. Polymeric Double Flex Membran. Beside having many differences in construction and charateristics , the first thing, compared with the silhouette and silverette woofers, that come up is that is a single piece membran without dust cup.

Construction Preview - 90 degree Sharp Edges
The standard 90 degrees sharp edge cabinet is not assembled by using normal panel worked with a 45° angles, but with a specific design that allow to reduce in a significant quantity their own resonance. Because of this design also the airproofing is guarantee with 2 steps of closing. The accurancy of the finishing increased thanks to the double surface that has to joint between two different panels, so all the cabinet has to be absolutely correct in size tollerance to be realized. This very particular cabinet was designed to allow us to present a products in this price range with the less quantity of undesired vibration of the cabinet possible. Thanks to all the separated panels and corner the cabinet increased the performance of the loudspeakers itself, The rounded corner in solid wood gives more elegance and value to the products. Also the cross veenering in the side panels has designed to gives to the customers a new way to think about a classical loudspeakers. In total this cabinet is composed by 6 separated panels and 4 rounded solid wood corner, everyone with a specific positioning by a prepared allignement.

Front grid new Construction
90 degree Sharp Edge
The size of the front grid for the 90° sharp edges will keep always 30mm free from the bottom of the loudspeaker , to have the space to place the soft resin Logo, The grid will be equipped by 4 neodimium magnet, and also the clothes of the grid will be no more longer glued on the panel grid but attached by another tecnique that allow us to present a better finished front grid without any signs of glue and manual cutting.

Rounded Solid Wood Corner
The Front grid will cover all the front panel of the speakers. It will be equipped with 4 neodimium magnets and the soft resin Logo will be placed on the clothes of the grid at the bottom. The finishing of the grid for its clothes will be the same as the one for 90° sharp edges, so the clothes behind the panel will be no more affected by glued spot or signs of manual cutting.

Performing Details
Rubber Feet
The 4 feet are realized with a specific density that is calculated during the project design. They are exactly the element that define the synergy from where the name of the line come from. They have 2 functions: they make the right distance from the bass reflex port to the surface and they get rid off, absorbing them, to all undesired vibrations from the cabinet. They are screwed into the box to also can be , for anybody wants to do it, replaced with spikes.

Bass Reflex Port
Every models , excluding 503 model, is realized to be equipped by the bass reflex port. This port is able to extend to 1 entire musical octave the frequency response of the speakers. They are realized using a real strong 5 mm polyetilen material, so they do not generate any kind of noise and because of its positioning allow to keep the turbolence at the bottom of the loudspeakers so in a position that doesn’t make any problem and perpection to the listener. Togheter with the rubber feet they guarantee the deepest and high definited low frequency in its price category.

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