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Audioquest JitterBug

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Audioquest JitterBug

USB Data & Power Noise Filter
Garantie und Gewährleistung
24 Monate

Dual Discrete Noise-Dissipation Circuits
• Reduces the noise and ringing that plague both the data and power lines of USB ports
• Measurably reduces jitter and packet errors
• Improves dynamic contrast, warmth and resolution

The Problem
All computing devices—laptops, smartphones, Network Attached Storage devices (NAS drives), media servers, etc.—inherently generate a significant amount of noise and parasitic resonances. Additionally, computers contribute a considerable amount of RFI and EMI pollution onto the signal paths—all of which can easily find its way onto your USB cables and into your audio system. This noise and interference has many negative effects. Noise-compromised digital circuitry increases jitter and packet errors, resulting in distortion that causes a comparatively flat and irritating sound. Noise-compromised analog circuitry also damages the sound’s depth,
warmth and resolution.

The Solution
JitterBug’s dual-circuitry measurably reduces unwanted noise currents and parasitic resonances. It also reduces jitter and packet errors (in some cases, packet errors are completely eliminated).

The Result
Clearer and more compelling sound, music, dialog, etc. A better audio experience.
1. Use one JitterBug in series (in line) with any computer and USB DAC (digital-to-analog converter).
2. Use an additional JitterBug in parallel with the first for improved playback performance.
3. Use JitterBug with other locally connected USB devices, such as hard drives, printers, and cameras, to effectively reduce audio interference.
4. Use JitterBug with USB-enabled network devices, such as routers, NAS devices, and streamers.
5. Use JitterBug with mobile devices into audio systems in the home and in the car.

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